At  a meeting held on January 18, 2017, at the German Agriculture Ministry in Berlin, it was agreed that there will be a Bioeconomy Workshop, about partnership opportunities between Brazil and Germany in Bioeconomy, during the Green Rio / Green Latin America 2017. The workshop organization is from the German Government.

This was first proposed by Planeta Orgânico, during the Brazil Germany Economic Meeting held in Weimar, in October 2016. The International Cooperation-Global Food Policy Deputy Director General, Mr. Friedrich Wacker, the German Agriculture Ministry’s Bioeconomy Department responsible, Mr. Tilman Schachtsiek, and Planeta Orgânico executive manager, Ms. Maria Beatriz Costa, confirmed the event in Berlin.

Itaipu’s Environment Superintendent, Dr. Jair Kotz, also participated and was invited by Dr. Wacker to present the results of the “Cultivating Good Water” Program at the Bioeconomy Workshop. The Counsellor of the Germany Embassy in Brazil, Dr. Martin Nissen will cooperate directly with the workshop organization too.

At the end of the meeting, Maria Beatriz expressed her gratitude for the trust shown towards Green Rio as a Bioeconomy platform, and said that the Planeta Orgânico team will do everything in its power so that the Brazil-Germany Bioeconomy Workshop / Green Rio may be a benchmark for new partnerships between the two countries.